Getting Spring season Break, Logan encourages the fresh new group to help you a home when you look at the Santa Barbara

When they arrive, they discover that Malcolm Reese is trying out his brand new reality let you know, “Intercourse Defenders”, wherein they’ll be the first players. On breakfast the second early morning, Lola highlights that blueberries are, in spite of the name, red in advance of Quinn need to know just who used her “Frazz”, that they discover are Dustin, compelling a research him. The day of challenge is a beneficial scavenger check that the people reduce, despite looking for all of the clues earliest, on account of Pursue having Zoey’s Tek-Spouse.

Spring Crack-Upwards dos/2

The next day’s issue is actually a facelift which have Lola’s attention having styles scoring the girls their very first earn. The last difficulties is a good duel between Chase and you will Zoey which have others downline squirt the fresh new other chief having liquid with the girls growing winning, therefore winning the competition. During the restaurants, Malcolm Reese suggests the whole race was shot and that they tend to be on television. Shortly after Springtime Split ends, the brand new gang watches this new airplane pilot from the couch (where Dustin ultimately crashes out-of their Frazz large) with Lola taking a dramatic bend at the the lady with the-display screen inclusion.

Individuals Auction

Once Sushi Rox burns off down, Zoey ways holding an us Public auction to boost the $10,100 needed seriously to fix-it. Auctioning by herself from close to Zoey and you can Nicole, Lola’s services are bought by the Logan who has most of the around three girls end up being his very own cheerleaders for the next day, cheering to own his lunch and sunbathing. At the Zoey’s idea, the 3 up coming start cheering getting everything Logan really does (getting out of bed, showering, rejection) unpleasant him to the point that he will pay them the fresh guaranteed $4,one hundred thousand simply so they actually leaves your alone. Lola can be acquired on Sushi Rox’s reopening, acting as a photographer.

Quinn’s Alpaca

Whenever Quinn becomes disheartened right down to their alpaca Otis’s anxiety, Zoey, Lola, and you may Nicole put the lady an enthusiastic “Alpaca People”, Lola getting an enthusiastic alpaca pie, only to make their pal even sadder. Regarding the meantime, Lola attempts to key Logan on claiming their history title so you can end the fresh guys’ “No S” choice simply for Logan to find it. dabble support The 3 females in the near future manage to eradicate Quinn’s depression with Otis flown to PCA for the weekend.


Getting to their brand new dorm very first, Lola says the big bunk just before Nicole can simply as informed from the Zoey that Nicole will never be back into PCA on account of the woman “Fanatical Men Sex Ailment”. When they find Quinn wasn’t assigned a-room, Zoey and Lola try guilted to the revealing their place together, Lola unwillingly stopping the lady key thus Quinn normally move in.

Shortly after Zoey and you may Lola just be sure to discourage Quinn away from doing resentful science regarding the area, Pursue comes in inquiring to dicuss in order to Zoey alone. Hopeless, each other Lola and you will Quinn imagine Chase will eventually declare their ideas on blond, Lola even draw the passageway Ginny towards the space to verify how apparent Chase’s break is actually. Shortly after Lola eventually hits over Quinn’s bee haven, she hides around a good blanket. Once the bees refocus their attention to your Coco, Zoey leaves to talk to Pursue much in order to Lola and Quinn’s entertainment.

Chase’s Girlfriend

When Zoey finds out you to definitely Chase provides another partner, Rebecca, Lola and you can Quinn rapidly turn up against this lady towards principle. In the event that gang meets Rebecca however, she easily gains them over, praising Lola’s looks and stating she should model. Today taste Rebecca, Lola gladly greets the woman on her behalf answer to washing.

Character background

Lola is an aspiring celeb who involved PCA after Dana gone aside (within the Seasons dos); Lola turned the newest roomie out-of Zoey, Nicole. Because the an using do it, Lola pretended becoming a great “slutty goth chick” on her first-day on PCA, scary Zoey and you can Nicole to the point that they need to sleep-in tents external, in the place of express an area together. But, after reading a phone call sharing the brand new operate, the newest gig are right up. The next early morning, Zoey and you will Nicole possess a fake battle to show Lola you to definitely the woman is not only person who can be operate. Lola is quite seriously interested in the girl dream of is a greatest Hollywood celebrity, and you may pretty sure out-of successful a keen Oscar by the girl nineteenth birthday celebration.

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